Sales Responsibilities

The sales function is one of the basic core activities in any commercial company which depend on sales revenues in bulk or retail and whether for industrial or consumer use.  It covers from the lowest sales clerk ranks to the area sales manager if the selling activity has geographic delineations, brand manger if the selling covers various models or brands, up to the executive level VP for domestic or international sales to aggregate these selling departments.

Sales Job Duties

  • Have a strong participation in building customer confidence by making the store floor experience reassuring.
  • Work together with Customer Service officer to restore customer patronage in problematic situations involving potentially disenchanted customers.
  • Work with the store graphics artist to ensure that the store’s promotional visuals on the windows display and floor remain appealing.
  • Supervise in-store product demonstrations and promotions.
  • Keep abreast with the new and emerging technologies relevant to the products and services being marketed.
  • Coordinate with marketing support staff on pricing adjustments to better respond with changing market conditions and competitor moves.
  • Implement marketing, advertising and product promotional campaigns.
  • Assist in the distribution of promotional materials to retail branches in the assigned areas.
  • Develop nurturing and positive relationships with branches, dealers, sales agents, brokers, supermarkets as well as online retailers and distributors of your products and services.
  • Conduct store floor or online surveys and questionnaire with customers separately from dealers and retailers of your products and services.