Medical Assistant Job Duties

A medical assistant provides clerical, administrative and clinical support for doctors and nurses with or without their supervision.  When their tasks are properly done, doctors and nurses can perform without disruption and enjoy smooth operation.  They can be found in clinics, hospitals and laboratories as a support staff to ensure that every work is done according to approved procedures.

Job Duties

  • Perform clerical, administrative and certain clinical duties as may be directed by a physician or head nurse.

Clerical and Administrative Duties

  • Scheduling appointments with patients based on availability of medical staff.
  • Ensure that patient medical records are updated and properly filed for quick access when needed by the physician.
  • Act as a billing and coding clerk for insurance purposes.
  • Monitor and ensure that medical supplies and medicine inventory are properly stocked and usage accounted for.

Clinical Duties

  • Prepare patient for diagnostic tests under direction of physician or nurse.
  • Schedule patients for their laboratory exams as needed. ensure lab results are communicated in whatever media that can reach the patient.
  • Draw blood samples from patients as directed by a nurse, ensuring that specimens for lat tests are sent to the laboratories.
  • Schedule ambulance pick ups.
  • Assist the nurse dressing wounds and administering initial medication as well as explaining to patients the treatment procedures as prescribed by the physician.
  • Perform specialized clinical functions such as may required in the specific clinic such as taking care of babies pediatric wards, administering eye tests in an optometrist clinic, performing lag castings in a podiatrist clinic, etc.