Computer Analyst Career Description

Computer analysts are professionals in an organization who provide technical, hardware, and software support to organizations, especially IT organizations. They understand the necessities of the IT system in the firm and try to put them into computer systemisation. They work with the computer professionals of an organization to implement information systems according to their requirements. They work with the top management of the organization to arrive at strategies that satisfy their cost benefit analysis. Computer analysts should be good at computer hardware and software programs to be able to trouble shoot problems, connect different systems, and analyse them. Candidates should have an educational experience in science and computer to get the reasoning and analytical abilities to perform their responsibilities well.

Computer Analyst Job Career Description

  • A computer analyst is responsible to cater to all computer hardware and software requirements of a firm.
  • A computer analyst should work with computer executives and higher management of a firm to choose those computer implementation programs that effectively contributes to the revenues of the firm.
  • Candidates who want to become computer analysts should have good knowledge in computer programs, networking, etc. Good analytical and reasoning skills will be an added advantage.
  • They keep up to date with all latest computer technology and provide expert services to the firm to lead the organization towards a higher growth path.

Computer Analyst Career Salary

Computer analyst aspirants can get employment in Information Technology (IT) services, computer hardware and software companies, health care services, forensic labs, etc. The average experience of a computer analyst is about 4-6 years. According to the information generated from National Salary Data which is released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a computer analyst is in the range of $33,000 and $82,000. The salary depends upon the level of education and experience of the candidate with the median salary being $56,000 per year.