Computer Consultant Career Description

A computer consultant is needed in all types of organization with the ubiquitous nature of computer usage in every kind of sector. With the change of processes from paperwork to computerised systems, there has been a huge demand growth of computer consultants. A computer consultant guides an organization on the technical computerised infrastructure needs based on the business processes of the organization. They understand the client requirements, their future positioning, and develop compatible computer platforms to execute them. They can help the organization develop the computer hardware, software or network communications. They could also train the client staff at different levels to switch over to computerised processes and carry out their tasks much more efficiently.

Computer Consultant Job Career Description

  • A computer consultant caters to the technological needs of the client organizations and helps them build a sustainable competitive advantage in its business processes.
  • Computer consultants can work in any sector and guide companies to switch over to a paperless format of conducting operations.
  • They upgrade the hardware, software, or networking of the client organizations and train their employees to adapt to the upgraded systems.
  • Computer consultants are adept at handling the clients’ requirements and converting them seamlessly into the computerized format.
  • They also advice the clients on periodic changes in client applications so as to adapt to the new changes in the market conditions.

Computer Consultant Career Salary

Candidates who want to become computer consultants can find opportunities in computer hardware and software firms, IT consulting firms, etc. Candidates who want to become computer consultants are expected to have at least 3-4 years of experience. The salary estimates by National Salary Data released by Pay Scale projects the annual compensation of a computer consultant to be in the range $35,000 to $209,000 and the median salary is about $140,000 per year.