Management Consultant Career Description

Management consultants perform a holistic role in advancing the business processes of their client organization and help them achieve greater profitability and market share. They assist the client in all types of functions like finance, marketing, human resources, operations, systems, etc and help in formulating effective strategies to drive the growth of their client. They use their knowledge of management and business administration and provide them with necessary resources, expertise, skill, etc to cater to their business requirements. They study the current stage of the clients’ businesses and recommend strategies that can give them a leading edge vis-a-vis their competitors. Management consultants are not restricted to any sector and can provide consultancy services to firms present in various industries.

Management Consultant Job Career Description

  • Management consultants help their clients in designing effective marketing strategies, finance strategies, HR strategies, and operational strategies according to the client requirements.
  • They oversee their strategy implementation along with the top management of the client organization, makes periodic reviews, and measurement of their impacts on the client’s growth, market share, and profitability.
  • They conduct research for the sector in which the client firm belong to and provide policies that are in accordance with the current business scenarios and can easily adapt to future business scenarios.
  • They help the client prepare business plans, proposals, presentations, and also assist them in projecting the returns for the capital invested by retail investors and venture capitalists.

Management Consultant Career Salary

Candidates with education in business administration can find innumerable opportunities to work as management consultants. Most of the job opportunities can be found in management consulting firms, consultancy companies, information technology services firms, IT consultancy firms, and financial services firms. Having a relevant experience is an added advantage for the candidates to get recruited as management consultants. The salary range of a management consultant varies from $53,000 to $175,000 per year according to the salary estimates by Pay Scale.