Construction foreman Career Description

A construction foreman is one who works closely with the employees working at the construction site and supervises their performance. A construction foreman has to have tremendous experience in the field of construction to manage his or her responsibilities well. Their aim is to make sure that every little task is completed within time and the project is most likely to complete within the scheduled date. They equip construction workers with skills and capabilities to carry out their tasks well. They resolve the internal conflict among the employees and assign them clear roles to undertake. A construction foreman is the one who is approached first when there is any query of concern in the minds of construction workers.

Construction foreman Job Career Description

  • A Construction foreman is primarily responsible to complete the project goals within the specific time frame.
  • A construction foreman delegates responsibilities and assigns time schedules for workers to work at the construction site.
  • They also ensure that the site has all the machinery and equipment needed to undertake the construction work.
  • They ensure streamlined operations at the construction site and are the first one who is approached when there in any question or conflict among employees.
  • A construction foreman also ensures that the construction site is also safe and hazardless.
  • They train employees according to the kind of work expected, and assign them clear roles to carry out.

Construction foreman Career Salary

Candidates who want to become construction foreman will find umpteen opportunities in the construction sector, as a general contractor, electrical and residential home construction companies, etc. Candidates with specialised training or at least a high school diploma will be preferred. According to the National Salary Data estimates released by the agency called Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a construction foreman varies from $33,000 to $80,000 with the median salary being $58,000 per year.