Construction manager Career Description

A Construction manager is responsible for conducting the construction project in the planned manner. The construction manager coordinates to all employees and construction supervisors and communicates to them all terms and conditions, and safety regulations that are to be complied with while constructing the home or building. Construction managers also make a blueprint of the building to be constructed in coordination with the construction engineers. They also estimate the resources like man, machinery, time, etc needed to complete the project and provide the necessary resources at the site. They negotiate the wages and take necessary permission from local government and municipal authorities. They oversee the performance of the all employed at the site and gives necessary feedback. They also work with different suppliers and customers so that raw materials reach the site within the scheduled time and all clients requirements are met respectively.

Construction manager Job Career Description

  • A construction manager is responsible to acquire construction projects by bidding for them.
  • They determine the requirements of the project and provide them appropriately.
  • They oversee the project from time to time to ensure that all quality and safety requirements are met properly.
  • They communicate the job requirements to all employees working under him at the construction site and continuously monitor their progress.
  • They organize the tasks in a clear cut and transparent manner so that there are no conflicts and tasks are performed by those responsible within the due time.
  • They review the construction work and set new deadlines if they are faced with contingencies or natural disasters.

Construction manager Career Salary

Aspiring candidates who want to work as construction manager should find openings in the construction sector, residential home construction firms, commercial and residential construction and development firms, commercial construction firms, and engineering construction companies. Most of the construction managers are male although there is no such strict gender requirement. According to the salary research done by Pay Scale and compilation of results in the form of National Salary Data, the annual salary of a construction manager is the US varies from $41,000 to $131,000 and the median salary is approximately $80,000 annually.