Construction supervision Career Description

A construction supervisor is one who gives directions to the construction workers working at the site and helps to complete the construction project. The main aim of a construction supervisor is to complete the given project at the pre planned budget, with the right quality, within the right time. A construction supervisor would not only direct on the construction work, they would also ensure that the construction is done by complying with all the relevant safety and security so that people living inside and around it can be secure. More often than not, projects get extended from the set deadline leading to increase in costs and time. A construction supervisor ensures that this does not happen by dividing various tasks into small goals to be achieved in the desired time to complete the total construction within the allocated time limit.

Construction supervision Job Career Description

  • A construction supervisor delegates different responsibilities to various construction workers according to their capabilities and knowledge.
  • A construction supervisor oversees the work performed by the workers and accordingly compensates them.
  • There is also a need to coordinate with various related construction executives like construction consultants, interior designers, landscape designers, construction engineers, etc.
  • A construction supervisor ensures that the construction work completes within the due time, in the budgeted amount, in the right quality.
  • A construction supervisor should communicate all safety guidelines to be followed during construction to all the employees working in the construction site.

Construction supervision Career Salary

Candidates who are trained to become construction supervisors can find innumerable opportunities. Most of the demand for construction supervisors arises from engineering design and construction companies. Candidates with at least 2-3 years of experience will be preferred. According to the National Salary data estimates in US conducted by Pay Scale, the salary range of a construction supervisor per year is between $40,000 and $132,000. The median salary is about $75,000 per year.