A customer service job specification provides an overview of a customer service job to help the deserving candidates. It is a detailed explanation of the customer service job responsibilities, experience of handling customer complaints and knowledge of technical trouble shooting, etc. In a customer service job specification, a job seeker can grab an idea about the offered job position and decide to execute his/ her candidature along with an employment application for the targeted job. Customer service assistant, customer service executive and customer service planner are some of the different job profile, which require diverse job specification to educate the interested contenders. Therefore, a customer service job specification can be produced by emphasizing on the customer service field and varies according to job profiles.

Types of the customer service job specifications:

  • Customer service associate job specification
  • Customer service manager job specification
  • Customer service agent job specification
  • Customer service direction job specification, etc

Following mentioned factors should be implemented to create an effective customer service job specification:

  • Concentrate on the targeted customer support job and outline the required points to draft an impressive job specification.
  • Write the title of the job, summary of the post offered and report to section carefully.
  • Mention the recommended qualifications such as graduation and post graduation in business administration, arts and customer management along with the basic knowledge of computers.
  • Write the required experience such as sound knowledge of customer activities & customer service satisfaction index, excellent communication skills and aptitude of working in a team, etc.
  • Put, if there are any additional skills required to qualify for the offered customer service job in a job specification.

Customer Service Manager Job Specification

Customer Service Supervisor Job Specification

Customer Service Director Job Specification