Secretary Job Duties

The position provides clerical and personnel support for a corporate executive or management staff. It’s typically taken off the corporate hierarchy for middle management as most secretarial work has been made obsolete by the PC and the internet.  But there are still some functions that require secretarial work but are often in a pooled setting where a single secretary can served more than two managers or directors.   On the other hand, executive VPs still have them for functional support above middle management duties:

Job Duties

  • Prepare travel documents and travel itinerary on official business trips in coordination with the corporate travel agency on matters such as preferred hotels, car rental firms, airport transfers and choice of airlines related to using frequent mileage programs.
  • Manage the schedule for the day where 3rd party meeting confirmation are needed.
  • Screen and ensure orderly schedule of employee and visitor appointments to the office.
  • Coordinate with HR on career trainings and seminars fort he executive within and outside the company.
  • Provide administrative support for handling confidential matters relating to personnel salaries and benefits administration.
  • Ensures that the office premise is well maintained in coordination with building maintenance teams and administrators.
  • Arrange the necessary logistical support for any speaking engagement for town hall and out of town events and gatherings.
  • Coordinate with corporate chauffeurs and/or chopper pilots the transfer requirements of the executive.
  • Ensures that office has all the necessary amenities, furniture and appliance for incoming new executives.