A social service job specification is a detailed description of all the duties and responsibilities which needs to be performed in a social service job profile.  Such a job specification also mentions the required experience of working in the social service field along with the needed skill sets and educational qualifications. A social service job specification is a great help for the employer and the job seekers. However, a social service job specification is outlined exclusively for the different social service jobs.

Types of service social job specifications:

  • Family counsellor job specification
  • Social service case work job specification
  • Social worker job specification
  • Child development specialist job specification, etc

Following mentioned factors play a vital role in writing a remarkable social service job specification.

  • Mention the job position and summary conveying the objective of a social service job specification.
  • Write the perquisite social service experiences such as knowledge of personalized treatments, awareness of counselling procedures & documentation and good practice of judging different personalities & recommending medicines as per the job profile.
  • Point out the needed skills such as effective communication & interpersonal skills, ability to settle conflicts, organize interviews & counselling sessions, etc.
  • The social service job specification should also mention the special attributes that an individual must possess so as to excel in his field of work.

Family Counselor Job Specification

Mental Health Social Worker Job Specification

Social Service Case Manager Specification