A director job specification, as the name depicts, is drafted as an overview to guide the highly educated interested contenders, who are seeking to apply for the post of a director in the desired field. A director job specification is based on the organizational skills, experience of resolving serious official issues and requirement of effective decision making ability along with a summary of responsibilities. Executive director, security direction, medical director and executive director are some of the job designation related to the field, which should be drafted by mentioning the diverse attributes. However, a director job specification varies according to the different job positions.

Types of director job specifications:

  • Finance director job specification
  • Marketing director job specification
  • HR director job specification
  • Sales director job specification, etc

Following given attributes must be considered to prepare an effective director job specification:

  • Pay attention to the targeted job position and mark out the essential points to cover the wide criteria of a job specification.
  • Mention the job designation, summary of the job along with a report to section for justifying the objective of a director job specification.
  • Write down the needed qualification such as bachelors or masters degree in commerce, finance, business administration and sales management along with specialization in the executive field.
  • Mention the required expertises in commanding an office department, excellent negotiation skills, strategy making and effective planning abilities.
  • Do not forget the mention, if any exceptional abilities and skills are required in a director job profile.

Marketing Director Job Specification

Sales Director Job Specification

Medical Director Job Specification