A sales director focuses on planning, directing, implementing and executing the unique sales strategies and oversees the entire sales department of an organization. Maximizing the sales profits, travelling to meet the potential corporate for building the sound relationship & placing the newly introduced products and taking care of important sales territories are the major job responsibilities of a sales director. A sales director plays an important role in handling the diverse product segments, assigned the duties to the sales managers and evaluates the performance of sales team, etc.

Sales Director Job Specification:

  • Good understanding of the existing sales trends to generate the desired output by selling the existing products.
  • Excellent interpersonal abilities to handle the high profile & corporate customers, experience of placing the product at different retail outlets and effective communication skills to deal with the sales team.
  • Understanding of customer profiles, talent to maintain a good customer relationship with dynamic leads and negotiating & analyzing the prices of existing products.
  • Talent to promote the product by organizing the advertisement campaigns, publishing ads in the print & electronic media and conducting the customer satisfaction surveys to gather the feedback of the users to improve the product.
  • Participating in the monthly meets with the top management to discuss the crucial factors encountered during customer handling & selling the products.
  • Conducting the meets with sales manager & team supervisors to discuss the various sales policies and implementation of strategies.
  • Checking the sales records for estimating the sold stock and approving the list of new appointments & fired individuals from the sales team.