A medical director is responsible for leading the medical team by developing, implementing and supporting the quality health care services. Coordinating with the different medical departments, supervising the performance of physicians and recruiting the new health care staff as per the requirement are some of the major job duties of a medical director.  A medical director is in- charge of reviewing & assigning the job responsibilities among the appointed health care staff, ensuring the execution of hygiene standards and forwarding the concerned reports & records to the senior management. Therefore, a medical director plays an essential role in the success of a hospital or a healthcare institution.

Medical Director Job Specifications:

  • Abilities to direct the medicinal faculty, initiating new health care policies and ensuring the installation of newly introduced equipments along with the latest medicine stock.
  • Investigating the level of treatments being offered to the patients and checking the weekly payment & insurance claim cases records.
  • Experience of implementing the legitimate codes & conducts of healthcare programmes and good communication skills to deal with the high profile patients admitted to the hospital.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to coordinate with all the hospital departments and good management knowledge to resolve relevant issues and to guide the team of physicians opting for the most recommended medical solutions.
  • Monthly visits to the operation theatres, inspecting dispensary facilities and paying attention to the departmental requirements.
  • Taking a suitable course of action against the encountered disputes, rewarding the departments and organizing the training programs for educating the doctors, surgeons and other medical staff.