Doctor Career Description

The demand for the life saving profession, doctor, has been growing day by day. The job of a doctor entails strict implementation of the job responsibilities. A doctor is responsible for curing diseases of patients or undertaking necessary treatments with care and caution. A doctor can work full time or part time in any kind of medical centre. Candidates who want to become doctors should take up a Bachelor’s degree in MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and bachelor of surgery) which is generally a 4 year course. This is to be followed by internship which lasts one year. This is when candidates start assisting other higher level doctors to perform surgeries or do it themselves. During this time period, these doctors are called as home surgeons. Doctors can be general physicians or take up a specialised field in their master degree.

Doctor Job Career Description

  • A doctor is responsible for listening to patients’ problems, diagnosing them, and treating them as appropriate.
  • During surgeries, a doctor must perform the treatment on the patient with the help of other doctors, nurses, and medical technologists.
  • A doctor should prescribe medicines needed to cure the patients by writing them down in the doctor prescription form.
  • A doctor should also monitor the progress of inpatients and provide them care on a continuous basis for the period of treatment.
  • Doctors must carry out various tests and analyse them with the help of laboratory assistants and medical technologists. Treatments as per the results should follow.

Doctor Career Salary

Aspiring candidates who want to become doctors will not find any dearth of job opportunities if they have good grades in their academics and if they can support their resume with a few years of work experience. Candidates can look for opportunities to work as a Doctor in the field of health care, family medicine, medical offices, hospitals, and medical services firms. To become doctors, candidates should at least possess 3-4 years of relevant experience. Doctors can also work independently or on a part time basis. According to the salary estimates by National Salary Data released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a doctor varies from $81,000 to $200,000 with the median salary being $140,000 annually.