Education Career Descriptions provide you a range of career choices available in the field of education. Education has taken on as a major business venture. By capturing emerging markets, lucrative opportunities in the field of education can be tapped. A variety of career choices can be found in teaching, non-teaching departments, library, IT department, or one of the positions as the head of the education institute. While ensuring that the institute makes profit, the social contribution value should be considered. The institute has the responsibility to impart good and wise information to all their students.

Various career choices are available in the field of education. Some of them are listed below:

  • Teacher
  • Lecturer or Professor
  • Non-teaching staff
  • Career counsellor
  • Education Administrator
  • Lab technicians
  • Exam markers
  • Information and Communication Technology technicians
  • School or College Librarians
  • School Administrative Support
  • School Principal
  • College or University Dean
  • Director General

The following factors are also needed to be considered if one is considering a career in the field of education in any of the levels or positions:

  • For administrative or clerical roles, a candidate should pursue high school and graduation in any stream.
  • For being a professor or any technician in a subject, candidates need to be well versed with the concepts in detail. They need to possess practical knowledge by having some years of industry exposure.
  • The education requirement for a teacher is graduation and Masters in Education in their particular field.
  • Candidates should impart fair and wise education, should be accountable for their actions, and should be willing to go beyond the set limits to educate children.

Librarian Career Description

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