Laboratory Assistant Career Description

A laboratory assistant takes orders from the medical supervisors and executes the orders accordingly. Laboratory assistants may work in clinics, hospitals, or labs. Most of the responsibilities of a laboratory assistant revolve around working with the lab technician and assisting in making tests and analysing results. They collect traces or samples for conducting various types of tests. Candidates who want to become laboratory assistant should have a medical background and experience of working in medical laboratories. They need to know how different samples are combined, what results are expected out of various tests, and how each result is interpreted. They need to follow all safety precautions while conducting tests in the laboratories as tests are very critical to understand what treatment procedure should be administered on the patients.

Laboratory Assistant Job Career Description

  • Candidates who want to become laboratory assistant should have background knowledge in various subjects in medicine, chemistry, etc.
  • Laboratory assistants are expected to have expertise in collecting samples, conducting medical tests, analysing results, etc.
  • The job of a laboratory assistant will involve working in shifts and for long hours.
  • Laboratory assistants should have some knowledge of symptoms and treatment procedures of diseases. They should be able to diagnose the problems of patients themselves.
  • Laboratory assistants should also know how to use various tools and equipments to diagnose, test, and collect the results from the tests.
  • Knowledge of medical terminologies and experience to work as laboratory assistants will be an added advantage for the candidates.

Laboratory Assistant Career Salary

Laboratory assistant will not find any dearth of employment opportunities. Candidates who are trained enough to become laboratory assistants will find openings in health care sector, hospitals, medical services, laboratory services, research and development departments, biotechnology firms, etc. The annual salary of a laboratory assistant according to the National Salary data estimates by Pay Scale is about $20,000 to $40,000. And the median salary is approximately $29,000 per year.