Factory Manager Career Description

A factory manager primarily looks after the operations and production of a factory plant. There are a wide variety of responsibilities that entail the role of a factory manager. Those responsibilities include installing machines in the plant, managing people employed at the plant, providing adequate administrative and management support to carry out various activities, ensuring the productivity of the factory, and improving the performance of the factory plant as a whole. Candidates who want to become factory managers should have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering in streams like manufacturing, mechanical or civil engineering. After pursuing their education, they should have at least 3-4 years of on field full time experience in any of the manufacturing companies.

Factory Manager Job Career Description

  • A factory manager has to enable employees working in the organization to perform their respective roles by providing them all the necessary technical and soft skills through training and development programs.
  • The employees should be compensated adequately and all concerns of the employee unions must be taken care of.
  • A factory manager must coordinate the activities of various departments and ensure that all activities take place according to plan and within the stipulated time deadlines.
  • A factory manager also should make sure that the quality and quantity of production is defined and delivered according to the customer requirements.

Factory Manager Career Salary

Candidates who want to become factory managers should have the relevant production experience. There is a demand for factory managers in the fields of manufacturing and distribution, medical device manufacturing, and food manufacturing sectors apart from general manufacturing firms. Candidates who have 5-6 years of full time industry experience are preferred for the position of factory managers. According to the salary estimates by the national salary data released by Pay Scale, the salary of a factory manager in the US varies from $30,000 to $102,000 per year while the median annual salary is approximately $65,000.