General Manager Career Description

A General Manager undertakes a very holistic role in an organization. He or she is responsible for multiple functions and responsibilities. A General Manager is responsible for managing the operations of the firm in a streamlined manner. He or she has to recruit an efficient team of people to drive the operations of the firm and nurture their skills so that they are able to perform their responsibilities well. General Managers should also improve the operational efficiency of the business by taking steps like upgrading the machinery, skills of people, cost cutting measures, management control systems, designing effective marketing strategies, etc. General Managers should coordinate with various teams to synchronise the activities of the firm and build a strategic fit.

General Manager Job Career Description

  • A general manager has an assortment of responsibilities to perform. To be able to perform his responsibilities well, he needs to have master in business administration in any stream.
  • A general manager supervises the functioning of various activities of the firm to run them efficiently.
  • A general manager recruits, inspires, and encourages a team of people to undertake their activities responsibly for the betterment of themselves and the organization.
  • He handles employee concerns regarding wages and workplace issues. He also sorts out issues like employee discrimination, harassment, etc.
  • A general manager is responsible to provide enough training and development to its employees, upgraded machinery and equipments, and all administrative facilities so that the firm maintains a competitive edge in the market.

General Manager Career Salary

Candidates can look out for a career as a General Manager in any industry. Some of the popular industries that hire general managers are manufacturing and distribution, hotel and hospitality management, retail or wholesale distribution, shipping, transportation, warehousing, logistics, and construction companies. Candidates should at least have a work experience of 5-6 years in the field with a master in business administration. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data, the annual salary of a general manager is in the range $31,000 to $118,000 with the median salary being $75,000 approximately.