Fashion director Job Profile and Description

A fashion director’s job profile is almost similar to that of a fashion coordinator. By interacting with the magazine editor, photographer and models the person strategizes what would be best for a shoot or any other project. They also combine the roles of a producer, director and an advisor.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • They have to interact with the photographer and make sure whether his work is expressing the magazine’s fashion ideas or not
  • They have to create a unified look across all fashion divisions of a store, fashion house or magazine.
  • They must regularly follow industry publications and meet designers to understand what are the latest industry trends
  • After identifying the trends, they must find out ways of implementing and popularizing them
  • They share their views and analyses with the retail salespeople and/or their magazine editors to guide them in making recommendations to customers and readers.
  • They indirectly advise buyers in making inventory purchases
  • The fashion director thinks of the photo shoot concept, decides models who would be suitable for this particular shoot, choose a photographer, the location and of course, the clothing
  • He is responsible for the production of any project and is like a combination of the fashion consultant and manager

Skills and Specifications

  • One must expect long hours and frequent travel as part of this job
  • One must have both creative and business skills
  • He should be able to coordinate the creative needs of the magazine or company with the budget

Education and Qualifications

You need to have a Bachelor’s degree and a diploma in any field of fashion. But since it is a senior position, you will be expected to learn different aspects of the job first to reach this stage. Knowledge of sales and merchandising can be an added advantage in this field.