Fashion coordinator Job Profile and Description

Fashion coordinators are responsible for coordinating, managing and promoting tasks related to fashion. They are in charge of supervising the entire fashion design department. By maintaining an organized and systematic atmosphere, they make sure that the fashion line he works for is popular and successful.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A fashion coordinator must formulate innovative design plans and bring in new ideas
  • He is responsible for coordinating advertising and marketing activities for the promotion of the fashion house
  • He should be up to date with the latest fashion trends by attending fashion shows
  • He must also make regular visits to the major manufacturers and merchandise markets in order to get information on the new styles
  • He must also read and follow fashion publications like magazines etc
  • He should meet designers and interact with them
  • Coordination with salespeople, designers and manufacturers is important too
  • In some cases, the coordinator organises photo shoots, fashion shows and other events
  • He may have to select clothes and accessories that will be used for promotional marketing

Skills and Specifications

  • A fashion coordinator must be organised and disciplined
  • He must be dedicated and determined
  • He must have good communications and PR skills in order to interact with all the departments
  • He must be persuasive and competitive

Education and Qualifications

One can enroll in a fashion designing course or go for vocational training which has courses on fashion sales or merchandising. A high school diploma is the basic educational requirement needed for fashion coordinator aspirants to be able to qualify in a fashion merchandising course. But for senior positions, one must have a Bachelor’s degree. Youngsters should do internships in order to get experience and it will eventually help them rise in the fashion world’s corporate ladder.