Fashion editor Job Profile and Description

A fashion editor oversees the creation, development and presentation of content for a fashion publication (magazine, newspaper, journal etc), photo shoots, websites and TV shows. His job is similar to that of an editor in any other medium, but he primarily deals with fashion content. Fashion editors work under an editor-in-chief and decide the creative matter for their publication. They may also specialize in apparel, accessories, make-up, hair etc. Fashion editors can work as freelancers work on a contract basis or full-time.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fashion editors produce features for the fashion pages or a TV show
  • They need to scan for story ideas and decide with the rest of the editorial team what would be suitable for the magazine
  • They are also responsible for promoting a fashion trend through their publications or shows
  • Editors are often required to travel and meet designers and attend fashion shows to keep up with the latest fashion trends
  • They have to study designer’s product samples and select the content to be featured in their publications

Skills and Specifications

  • Fashion magazines and programmes have deadlines and hence the fashion editor must be able to work under pressure
  • He must have a passion for fashion, should follow the fashion industry trends and forecasts
  • He must also possess good writing skills and journalistic talent to produce good content
  • He should be able to communicate effectively and clearly
  • Good organization and planning skills also help
  • He must be competitive, and have excellent interpersonal and management skills

Education and Qualifications

One can go for a Bachelor’s degree in fashion designing and merchandising or a diploma. There are journalism courses also available which provide specialisation in fashion. One should keep looking for internship opportunities and then work their way up the ladder.