Fashion stylist Job Profile and Description

Fashion stylists may work for a particular client or for a company or publication and share their fashion expertise with them. Stylists work with photographs, art directors, designers, lighting technicians and set designers and create visual images that can be used in magazine articles, music videos or TV shows. They may also help an individual to select suitable accessories to complement the clothes suitable for an appropriate occasion.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The primary responsibility of a fashion stylist involves planning creative solutions for a successful photo shoot or a programme
  • He may also have to contact public relation companies, manufacturers and retailers
  • He has to select the best range of merchandise (clothing, accessories etc) to be used in a shoot
  • He is responsible for borrowing or purchasing clothes and props which would be used in a shoot or show
  • He must also get the garments to the studio or location from the retailer or designer and deciding which would go best with the shoot
  • A stylist also gives personal fashion advice to people, especially models, actors for shows or any other occasion
  • He needs to build a network of contacts with designers, retailers, clients etc
  • He must keep a keen eye on every emerging styles

Skills and Specifications

  • You must be ready to work for long hours because such work starts before a shoot and continues till it is finished
  • You must enjoy shopping and follow the latest trends yourself and also predict future trends
  • You must possess good presentation skills, both oral and written communications abilities

Education and Qualifications

To become a fashion stylist, a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma is enough. Candidates may join courses in fashion designing and merchandising from private institutes and join a fashion house to get more experience.