Fashion marketing Job Profile and Description

A person interested in the field of fashion marketing must have knowledge about brand equity, different marketing techniques and should be aware of buying habits of consumers. He has to undertake marketing efforts, follow the company’s business strategies, and coordinate with the product development team and buyers to comprehend fashion trends and product placement. He must also calculate profit margins and determine pricing strategies.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A fashion marketer designs marketing strategies keeping the target consumer, their age, needs and choice in mind.
  • You may need to use visual marketing campaigns, think of attractive advertising ideas or pick up clothes from the designers for your company which you feel will be liked by your target consumer
  • You must synchronize the execution of marketing programs to ensure customer engagement
  • You must move clothes which follow the latest trends into the store, failure to do which would result in a loss for the designer
  • You should possess creativity, fashion sense and understand the consumer and create trends by promoting a certain look
  • Fashion marketers also need to increase the customer’s interest in fashion trends

Skills and Specifications

  • Expertise in numbers is helpful as one requires good math skills to determine profit margin and decide pricing strategies
  • Creativity and versatility shows that you are adaptable to any fashion house
  • Teamwork is very important in this field
  • You must be able to interact effectively with different people in order to positively market your products

Education and Qualifications

In order to be a fashion marketer you would need a Bachelor’s degree or a diploma in marketing, fashion, textiles or a related field. Nevertheless, experience is regarded to be important too and can help you in getting the job, even if you don’t have any formal education.