Fashion consultant Job Profile and Description

As more and more people are getting conscious of their looks and style, they often hire stylists who share with them their fashion expertise. A fashion consultant gives advice to a client on how to polish or enhance his/her wardrobe for a particular occasion or purpose. There can be two basic types of fashion consultants. Some share their knowledge with companies and help create outfits as part of a company’s identity package; others help individuals get a makeover.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The consultant might be asked for help in forming a business wardrobe
  • He analyses suitable colors, cuts and designs for a client or selects uniforms for a company
  • Some fashion consultants also help nonprofit charities to build wardrobes for the underprivileged who otherwise cannot afford the services of a stylist
  • Personal fashion consultants choose clothing, makeup and hairstyle, according to the figure of the client and the occasion
  • They are also consulted for selecting clothing during photo shoots, fashion shows or any other event
  • They may also assist people in closet organization and classification of clothing according to the occasion
  • Nowadays, department stores also have consultants and not just sales persons, who help customers choose clothes which would suit them

Skills and Specifications

  • A fashion consultant must not only have good understanding of the latest trends and looks but also should know which style would suit which person
  • He must also be sensitive to the preferences and culture of the client and choose a dress for him accordingly

Education and Qualifications

There are no courses for fashion consulting per se, but there are many programmes in fashion merchandising and designing. You can also study economics, sociology, fashion designing, business management etc. Some modeling courses also teach style, poise, etiquette, makeup application etc.