How to write job responsibilities

Job responsibilities should be written in coordination with an HR representative or officer who is tasked to manage the corporate database of job descriptions. Here are certain things to considers when writing the job responsibilities

  • Make certain the job responsibilities taken as a whole is unique to the position.  Your HR rep should be able to guide you with the knowledge about other positions in the company.  For instance, some responsibility items like “Prepare and submit sales performance report every week” may be the same for a Sale Analyst and an Account Executive, the nature and content of the report may point to different things and the other job responsibilities are different.
  • One of the first things to consider when writing job responsibilities is two ensure that no two job descriptions have the same responsibilities.  But there are exceptions to this.  If you have a Systems Analyst and a Sr. Systems Analyst, it’s possible that the responsibilities are the same.  But it’s important to distinguish the two in terms of ensure length, training attended or certification passed.  You can also differentiate by indicating the authority levels, giving the senior position a higher authority in performing a responsibility.
  • Be sure that each responsibility statement can be seen as a measurable goal or objective that can is measurable and observable to become a performance indicator or metric.  Apart from observing that the employee is not discharging his responsibility, it’s important that when he does, you can gauge if he is doing it correctly or even better than expected.