Food and Agricultural Scientist Career Description

Food is an important necessity is the life of a living being. Although the world has shifted traditionally from major focus in agriculture to major focus in manufacturing and services, agriculture still holds an important spot. There has been a decline in the growth of agriculture and hence it is important to continuously monitor the progress in agriculture and provide innovation in this field so that new and hybrid varieties can be generated. A food and agricultural scientist is primarily responsible for the same. Supervising the food supply chain, managing good relationships with suppliers and buyers, analysing timely requirements in the food and agricultural department and bringing up useful developments in the field are the main responsibilities of a food and agricultural scientist.

Food and Agricultural Scientist Job Career Description

  • Candidates who want to become food and agricultural scientists should be either food engineer, agricultural engineer, or have a post graduation in Agri-business management.
  • A food and agricultural scientist should have good knowledge of traditional and new techniques of food production, government policies and benefits on agriculture, and protocols and regulations to be met.
  • A food and agricultural scientist should ensure quality of production, timely delivery of the outputs, healthy and safe packaging, etc. He should also educate the employees and people about safe food and nutrition requirements.
  • A food and agricultural scientist should know what harms and destroys this industry and take steps to counter those actions. They should be able to technically prove the harmful effects of those initiatives.

Food and Agricultural Scientist Career Salary

Candidates who want to become Food and Agricultural Scientist will find no dearth of opportunities particularly in sectors like food manufacturing, research and development, biotechnology, agriculture, and education sector. Candidates who have 1-4 years of experience will generally be preferred for the role of a Food and Agricultural Scientist. According to the salary estimates given out by the National Salary data which is released after extensive research by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a Food and Agricultural Scientist is in the range $24,000 to $86,000 and the median salary is approximately $58,000 per year.