Retail Store Manager Career Description

A retail store manager is responsible and accountable for inventory management in a retail store. He or she should ensure that there is adequate supply of inventory in the shelves, and that the materials are purchased by customers in the appropriate manner. There should be barcodes or other upgraded technological print on each item so that there is no theft in the retail store. A retail store manager should also manage the workers and assistants working in the retail store and make them accountable too. The workers and assistants should be compensated well according to the number of working hours put. Candidates who want to become retail store managers need not have any special education, but a Bachelor’s degree would be preferred.

Retail Store Manager Job Career Description

  • A retail store manager should handle a team of people in the retail store well and give them directions so that they can carry out their job responsibilities well.
  • A retail store manager should install CCTV cameras in the retail store (if it is big enough) or take measures to monitor the number of each item.
  • A retail store manager should provide notebooks or computer systems to track the inventory coming in and going out. The purchase details, billing, etc should also be fed into the system.
  • A retail store manager should also ensure that customers have a good buying experience in the retail store and that there is enough security in the store to make sure that no item from the store gets lost.
  • The retail store manager should track daily sales and inventory and replenish the materials on the shelf as and when needed.

Retail Store Manager Career Salary

Candidates who want to become Retail store manager can find plenty of job opportunities. There is no mandatory education requirement to become a Retail store manager. However candidates who have at least a Bachelor’s degree will be preferred. Employers may prefer work experience of a minimum of 3-4 years in this field. Job opportunities can be found in the field of clothing, retail, departmental stores, apparel stores, retail drug stores, pharmacy chains, etc. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data and released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a Retail store manager can vary from $24,000 to $65,000 per year while the median hovers around $44,000 per year.