Forensic Scientist Career Description

A Forensic scientist has the prime responsibility to conduct medical tests at the scene of the crime and in forensic medical laboratories. They are expert at handling any type of cases and have the ability to face the crime scene and the victim’s condition. They extract necessary blood samples, and other body elements to test and prove or disprove cases. A Forensic scientist should have the knowledge of superior technology that is used to detect samples and find the reasons for crime. Some of the common tests conducted by a Forensic scientist are conducting a post mortem, finding reasons for death, testing blood samples from the scene of the crime, and matching them with likely accused.

Forensic Scientist Job Career Description

  • A forensic scientist is responsible for assisting the criminal investigation department and making findings in various criminal cases.
  • They should be adept at handling the tools and equipments in the medical laboratory and find traces of information that can help the criminal investigation proceedings.
  • The forensic scientist should prove the crime through valid tests and reports. He should hand over the traces and samples to the police after the testing process is complete.
  • A forensic scientist should be aware of different medical terminology and be able to coordinate with the crime detection offices. They should work and deliver under pressure.

Forensic Scientist Career Salary

Candidates who want to become Forensic Scientist can find no dearth of opportunities if they have the relevant education and experience. There is always a demand for good Forensic Scientists particularly in the fields of Law enforcements, Science and engineering services, professional analytical and laboratory services, government and public law offices, etc. Employers generally prefer candidates who have at least 3-5 years of experience. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data released by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a Forensic Scientist can lie anywhere between $30,000 and $98,000 with the median salary being $66,000 per year approximately.