Pharmaceutical Project Manager Career Description

A Pharmaceutical project manager is assigned the role of managing the project of undertaking trials and coming up with drugs that are useful to cure ailments. This is a middle level management role and the Pharmaceutical project manager is assigned a team of people to guide and provide direction. Candidates who want to become a Pharmaceutical project manager should possess relevant qualification in courses like clinical therapy and research. They should also possess team skills and leadership skills to maintain a motivated team of people for pharmaceutical clinical research. The Pharmaceutical project manager can have specialised skills at handling one or other type of drugs and chemicals. The soft skills that are necessary for the role are patience, hard work, and inspirational attitude.

Pharmaceutical Project Manager Job Career Description

  • A Pharmaceutical project manager has to carry out the project assigned in a pharmaceutical company by managing a set of people, allocating tasks, delivering results, and providing innovation in the field of pharmaceutical clinical research.
  • The Pharmaceutical project manager should oversee the trials and experimentation that is being done in the company while also maintaining safety precautions in the laboratories.
  • The Pharmaceutical project managers should make reports of the team performance by listing the trials undertaken and results obtained.
  • The trials should be conducted according to all the safety guidelines and also without violating and government regulation that is applicable.

Pharmaceutical Project Manager Career Salary

Candidates whose aim is to become Pharmaceutical Project Manager should pursue education in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Employers generally expect to hire candidates who have 4-7 years of work experience in the field of pharmaceuticals. The salary of a Pharmaceutical Project Manager can be anywhere between $49,000 and $135,000 per year. The median salary is approximately $90,000 per year. This is taken from the National Salary data estimates of Pay Scale after conducting extensive research of the salaries paid in the United States.