Hotel Duty Manager Job Description

Virtually all hotels are open 24-hours, hence there are staffing shifts hotel management has to observe to ensure continued high efficiency service and the hotel duty manager covers the night and early morning shifts to do that.  The hotel duty manager is basically responsible in managing hotel resources and people to ensure that guests are welcomed and properly treated during the night and wee hours of the morning.

Job Duties

  • Supervise front office hotel operations staff to ensure smooth and seamless running, peak efficiency and undiminished service through the rest of the day outside of regular office hours.
  • Plan and organize the various hotel services including housekeeping and maintenance details, concierge services, chauffeured airport to hotel services if any and other ancillary services except the use of special function rooms which are hardly availed of outside of regular office hours.
  • Implement the service quality standards in meeting and billeting guests and offering all the hotel amenities that may be operating beyond regular office hours.
  • Prepare shift report on new guests received during the shit along with attendance of shift personnel and any outstanding occurrences during the shift.
  • Perform performance appraisal of shift personal and counsel those performing below expectations and provide HR with the results of appraisal and remedial performance commitments
  • Assist HR in recruiting and selecting suitable hotel staff for the shift either from among those who want to transfer from regular shift or from external hires.