Network Administrator Job Duties

Every company with a network of computers can’t survive without a network administrator who is often the network engineer supervising a team of network technicians to manage their NOC (Network Operations Center).  This can range from a small 1-man operation to a department wide scope in large companies and telecoms firms.  Internet Service Providers also depend on network administrators to ensure smooth operations.

Job Duties

  • Keep abreast with network security trends and technological developments that can help improve network robustness and performance amidst a never-ending threat by hackers and network intruders.
  • Attend seminars and conferences on network management tools and new ways to manage the network operations more efficiently.
  • Assist the IT or MIS Manager in designing the network topology suitable for the business and well within the IT budget.
  • Install and maintain the proper networking equipment to interconnect the various computers in a department and across the corporation in a LAN or WAN configuration.
  • Manage the network to ensure failsafe operation and high network availability depending on the operational requirements of the company.
  • Contract the services of a 3rd party telecoms provider to ensure a failsafe and redundant internet connectivity.
  • Specify a virtual private networking configuration with telecoms providers to ensure secure data traveling thoughout the network
  • Define and implement the networking policies to ensure network security and data protection for employees, clients and company trade secrets. This applies to both internal use and remote access from homes and elsewhere.
  • Secure and maintain the proper networking management tools.