Security Officer Job Duties

The security officer is often part of a team tasked with securing the company’s premises and properties from unauthorized access.  An adjunct of the position now calls for securing data in cyberspace which is more confined to its IT departments.  But the traditional security officer position now has an arsenal of modern gadgetry to carry out its responsibility, such as electronic access points required a machine readable ID or badge, while the higher security areas may require biometric readouts.

Job Duties

  • Design and implement the perimeter security system that best suit the company requirements and budget.
  • Implement the suitable security technologies such as biometrics in IDs or close circuit television monitoring systems in sensitive areas where tighter security is required and justified against potential asset losses the company cannot afford.
  • Coordinate with HR in ensuring that all new hires are provided with IDs and access badges to enter corporate premises where they are authorized.
  • Coordinate with local police authorities in cases of security breaches as well as in any situation where asset losses has been reported within the premises for appropriate investigative handling.
  • Ensure that retiring, terminated or retrenched employees surrender their access cards and assigned assets such as keys to lockers, rooms, vehicles and laptops, or as applicable.
  • Coordinate with the company’s legal department for criminal and civil lawsuits as be needed to bring people responsible of security breaches to justice.
  • Perform security screening and background checks on prospective applicants as may be requested by HR.
  • Subdue unruly employees disturbing productivity or threatening harm to any employee.