HR Responsibilities

The HR function is responsible in managing the most important asset of a company – its people.  This involves recruiting the best talents for the company, providing competitive compensation packages, developing training programs for career advancement and implementing corporate policies and standards on performance standards.

HR Job Responsibilities

  • Implement a comprehensive system for recruitment, job placement, salary research, performance evaluation, career enhancement, compensation and benefits administration, retirement planning and exit processing.
  • Coordinate with payroll accounting on wage and salary structure and relative concerns to ensure correct compensation.
  • Design and develop recruitment screening exams in-house or in consultation with 3rd party job testing firms.
  • Maintain a network of head hunters in the industry for high turnover positions.
  • Coordinate with staff support and operational managers for vacancies and new job functions for proper documentation and processing.
  • Provide adequate job counseling to employees and management either with in-hour or contracted 3rd party counselors.
  • Participate in any employee incentive or motivation programs to improve productive and quality of work life.
  • Comply with all state and federal employment regulations and ensure state licensing requirements for positions that require them are properly met.
  • Coordinate with security in the issuance of IDs and access cards for new hires in time for their first day on the job.
  • Coordinate with the IT department to ensure that employee tools such as computer laptops and cellphones are allocated with the prescribed timeframes for new hires.
  • Conduct the standards orientation briefings or seminars for new hires with breakout sessions for specific positions as required.
  • Maintain up-to-date and complete employee 201 file.