Industrial Engineer Career Description

An industrial engineer is responsible to carry out the operations in the production department of a firm in a seamless and smooth manner. Industrial engineers ensure that the machinery of the production department is upgraded to the latest technology. They also manage the production staff of the firm and address all their concerns. They listen to the issues of the employee unions regarding wages and workforce discrimination, security, etc. They also carry out the periodic maintenance and repairs of the machinery so that the production department can carry out their functions without any breakdown. Candidates who want to become industrial engineers should have an engineering background in mechanical or civil engineering. They should also know how to manage employees, adapt to the technological changes, and increase the productivity of the department.

Industrial Engineer Job Career Description

  • An industrial engineer should understand the products produced by the firm and understand the requirements of the end customer.
  • Industrial engineers should ensure that the operational efficiency of the production department is increased over a period of time.
  • They should also give a patient hearing to all employee related issues and resolve them peacefully and in a mutually beneficial manner.
  • Industrial engineers should install management information systems (MIS) in the firm so that all the activities of the firm can be coordinated in an effortless manner and there is no duplicity and full transparency.

Industrial Engineer Career Salary

Candidates who want to work as industrial engineers can find lot of opportunities in manufacturing and distribution sector, aerospace and defence sector, aerospace manufacturing, automotive supplier firms, shipping, transportation, warehouse and logistics firms. The National Salary data estimates by Pay Scale show that the salary of an industrial engineer is in the range $42,000 and $86,000 per year. The median salary is approximately $58,000 per year.