Computer Engineer Career Description

A Computer engineer is a professional who works in any of the testing, development, or support departments in an IT organization. Candidates who have pursued engineering in computer sciences will be assigned the role of a computer engineer. They are initially trained for a few weeks to few months on various packages and languages that should be useful to him during his work. After acquiring the technical skills and performing well in the tests, they will be assigned projects where they need to prove their expertise. Most of the computer engineers who are recruited from the engineering college or university would be mostly put on a probationary period after which they will be confirmed full time employment if their performance is according to the firm’s expectations.

Computer Engineer Job Career Description

  • Computer engineers are given sufficient technical training in various languages and packages that will be useful for the employee.
  • After showing good performance in the training tests, computer engineers will be assigned to various projects and teams.
  • Computer engineers are expected to learn the responsibilities through on the job training and deliver work according to the expectations.
  • They are expected to follow the business processes of the organization regarding usage of the programming language, testing methods, handling customer queries, and resolving their issues, etc.
  • Computer engineers can progress to higher roles like senior software engineer by showing good performance and taking higher responsibilities.

Computer Engineer Career Salary

Computer engineers are mostly in demand in the Information Technology (IT) services sector, aerospace and defence sector, IT consulting services, financial services, and healthcare sector. The average experience level of a computer engineer in the US is about 5-9 years. The salary of a computer engineer is in the range $39,000 to $95,000 per year. This is according to the extensive research carried out by Pay Scale in the US.