Job Evaluation also referred to as job assessment, is basically a methodology adopted by organizations for assigning grades to employees, based on the responsibilities and duties held by them in their respective positions. Several parameters are taken into account for such job evaluations and these processes are primarily essential for numerous organizational aspects. Thorough professionals like an analysist or corporate human resource personnel mostly conduct such evaluations.

Methods and significance of job evaluations

Organizations implement various techniques of job evaluations each of which are important from the companies point of view, some of these comprise of:

  • The process of job evaluation is dependent on certain parameters define by the organization, on the grounds on which the assessment is conducted.
  • Job Ranking is the simplest way of evaluation, which involves grading the levels of employees, and determining the seniority of their position, as per their job functions and responsibilities
  • This helps the organization in setting benchmarks for performances and accordingly appraising the employees.
  • The point factor analysis is another method of job assessment, which involves studying the job descriptions analyzing questioners and accordingly conducting the evaluation procedures.
  • Most common elements, which are taken into account while carrying out such analysis are the educational qualification, experience, and skills that are required for a job.
  • Such evaluation processes also assist the organization in recruiting the appropriate candidates for the openings in the organization and defining a suitable remuneration structure for the position.
  • Job evaluations also determine the need for training employees for optimizing their performances.