Job description is a written document that communicates about the description of a job. This include the duties and responsibilities involved with the job position, skills and abilities needed in a person applying for the job position, eligibility criteria and educational qualifications needed to apply for the job category and other details regarding the job position to the applicants and other people who are going to attend the recruitment process for that job position.  Keeping in mind the importance of job description, it must be meticulously drafted after detailed analysis by a group of people, who are expertise and have base knowledge about the job for which the description is being prepared.

Sample job description, covering the essential details about the job of receptionist is as follows:

Receptionists play a major role in an organization by rendering their services for administrative and managerial purposes. The primary job of a receptionist is to handle and receive the incoming phone calls to the organization and reroute them to a proper person. They must provide consultation and appointment services to the clients; respond to their queries and requests. They must welcome the clients and other people visiting the organization with warm greetings and help in providing them all facilities.

The job of the receptionist requires extraordinary interpersonal and customer-oriented interaction qualities along with strong communicational and oral skills. They must have the ability to listen to the clients patiently and read their minds, and act accordingly to tackle them. They must possess charming and pleasant personality. The minimum eligible educational qualification for the job of receptionist is a bachelors or an equivalent degree.