Lawyer Career Description

Lawyers are in huge demand in the present age mainly due to innumerable number of criminal cases, personal and professional lawsuits, huge number of litigations, etc. Candidates who want to pursue their career as a lawyer should undergo training and education in special law schools and universities. They should also gain hands on experience in the job requirements by working part time or undertaking apprenticeships. They can also work under lawyers and learns the tricks of trade. Lawyers should have relevant knowledge in this field, should be able to fight litigations, prepare research reports on various cases, defend an innocent client and punish a criminal or wrongdoer. They should be able to work fearlessly with police, criminal investigation departments of government and private, and should have an analytical bent of mind to crack cases by finding clues and witnesses beyond the reach of a common man.

Lawyer Job Career Description

  • Prospective lawyers should have a keen interest in pursuing details, meet clients, analyse cases, and work around courtrooms.
  • They should be able to stand for the truth under any circumstances to prove that law is above all.
  • They should have knowledge in various aspects of law like property related matters, crime, tax issues, infringement based laws, etc.
  • Candidates who want to become lawyers should be thorough with various laws and their applications.
  • Lawyers can work independently or in any firm. They can also work for government or private organizations. Lawyers should be able to solve cases in the stipulated time and provide justice to all his clients.

Lawyer Career Salary

Candidates who are aspiring to become lawyers should possess educational background in the field of law and a few years of experience will make the career path easier. Employers generally prefer candidates who have 1-4 years of experience. According to the estimates by National Salary data which is released by Pay Scale, the compensation of a lawyer can be anywhere between $45,000 and $173,000 per year. The median salary per year is about $120,000. Candidates can work as lawyers in law firms or law offices, litigation firms, government law offices, public law offices, and insurance firms.