Attorney General Career Description

The primary responsibility of an Attorney General is to provide guidance related to legal matters. They supervise the legal and justice department and provide guidance and approvals. Candidates who want to pursue a career as an Attorney General should complete their education in law and criminal justice. They should know how the legal implications arise out of various cases and how are they handled. They review different kinds of cases and give suggestions to proceed in the right manner. They should fully understand the legislative processes of a nation and work towards its applicability and improvement. An Attorney General should also play a very active role in guiding the nation towards equality, empowerment, and justice and help in framing appropriate guidelines and laws for the same.

Attorney General Job Career Description

  • Candidates who want to become Attorney General should know the legal and criminal acts that are framed in the country by the highest legislative authorities.
  • They should revisit cases and counsel the legal team in proceeding with the legal case.
  • They mainly deal with cases of tax filings and enforcement, cases of abuse, discrimination, caste issues, etc.
  • They draft acts in the legal field to make sure that the legal system in the country is performing to its potential.
  • They try to remove arbitrariness or misinterpretation of legal acts by suggesting improvements in these acts.

Attorney General Career Salary

Students who want to pursue a career as Attorney General should undertake Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Law, Political Science, etc. Popular industries that have openings for the post of Attorney General are law firms, government law firms, insurance companies, and public law offices. According to the estimates by National Salary data released by Pay Scale, the total pay of an attorney general in the US is in the range $46,000 to $174,000 per year with the median salary being $120,000 per year.