Marketing Director Career Description

A marketing director has to lead the role of formulating all the marketing strategies of the firm and directing the marketing teams at executing those marketing strategies. They need to start by understanding their market by segmenting them, targeting those markets that are most valuable and would need the products and services offered by the firm, and position the firm uniquely into the minds of the customers. Marketing directors also conduct thorough market research and analyse them to modify or create new products and services of the firm. Marketing director’s work with other departments of the firm to synchronise the marketing activities with the capital needed, operations conducted, and human skills required. They seek to increase the market share of the firm by pursuing and retaining their most valuable and loyal customers.

Marketing Director Job Career Description

  • Candidates who want to become marketing directors should necessarily possess a post graduation degree in master of business administration with specialization in marketing.
  • Marketing directors have to work with marketing managers and supervisors to create sales force, conduct market research activities, conduct segmentation – targeting – positioning, carry out advertising, promotional, communication strategies, price the products according to the market conditions, etc.
  • Marketing directors devise marketing policies of the firm and communicate the same to the marketing teams to ensure their implementation.
  • They review the performance of marketing professionals and marketing activities so that the efficiency of the marketing department can be improved for the firm’s advantage.

Marketing Director Career Salary

Candidates who want to work as marketing directors can find no dearth of opportunities as they are always in high demand. Popular industries that recruit marketing directors are software development companies, health care firms, software application firms, financial services firms, manufacturing and distribution companies, etc. Those candidates who are interested in this field and want to become marketing directors should possess at least 5 years of relevant work experience. According to the estimates by the National Salary data, the annual compensation of a marketing director varies from $36,000 to $159,000 with the median salary being around $90,000 per year.