Sales Director Career Description

A Sales director is primarily responsible to look after the performance of the sales department of a firm. Candidates who want to become sales director should have expert knowledge in marketing, at least 10 years of experience in the field, and leadership qualities to drive the whole sales team. They manage the sales force by creating marketing strategies of the firm and integrating the marketing policies with the sales strategies. They also need to make a strategic fit of the goals of the organization with the objectives of the sales department. Sales director needs to recruit a team of able sales professionals create business development policies and put sales force at all the right locations to increase the revenue and the market share of the firm.

Sales Director Job Career Description

  • A sales director has to manage sales force and report to the chief executive officers of the firm.
  • The sales director need to direct the sales force, train them with all the required skills, and then undertake market research to analyse the markets where the products and services of the firm can be sold.
  • The sales team need to coordinate with the other marketing team to integrate the strategies and plan the sales targets accordingly.
  • The sales team should also be trained and taught important marketing tactics so that they can realise the expected sales of the firm.

Sales Director Career Salary

Sales directors are needed in every sector and openings are always present for candidates with good experience. Job opportunities can be found in hotels, IT services, manufacturing and distribution companies, retail firms, wholesale distribution firms, consumer packaged goods, etc. The National Salary Data estimates by Pay Scale show that the salary of a sales director is in the range$45,000 to $169,000 per year. The median salary is about $80,000 per year. A large component of the salary is variable and depends upon the targets achieved by the department managed by the Sales director.