A marketing job specification is drafted to help the interested candidates, who are seeking to apply for a marketing job profile. It consists of required knowledge of wide marketing procedures, experience of working & implementing marketing policies. The marketing job specification also outlines the concerned clerical outdoor job duties & responsibilities. Such a job specification works as an effective tool to guide the job seekers. Therefore, a marketing job specification is created diversely depending upon the marketing job profile.

Types of marketing job specifications:

  • Marketing assistant job specification
  • Marketing coordinator job specification
  • Marketing manager job specification
  • Marketing director job specification, etc

Following mentioned steps should be considered for drafting an effective marketing job specification:

  • Think of essential factors to create an informative job specification according to the concerned marketing job position.
  • State the needed job experience in the marketing field related to implementation of the effective marketing policies, knowledge of product development & marketing evaluation programs and trade shows, etc
  • Point out the necessary skills such as excellent communication & negotiation skills, leadership qualities, team spirit aptitude and the enthusiasm to build a potential client network along with decision making abilities.
  • Mention, if any addition skills are required to qualify in a marketing job profile.

Marketing Director Job Specifications

Product Marketing Manager Job Specification

Marketing coordinator Job Specification