A medical job specification is an overview of available job which is drafted to invite the candidature of the deserving candidates, who are willing to work in medical field. As the name depicts, a medical job specification consist of required experience of practicing in the medical field, ability to survive the detailed job duties & responsibilities and desired skills to meet the offered medical job criteria. Hence, a medical job specification is drafted uniquely for different medical job positions.

Types of the medical job specifications:

  • Medical biller job specification
  • Medical assistant job specification
  • Medical technologist job specification
  • Medical office manager job specification, etc

Following mentioned attributes should be considered to create a medical job specification.

  • Choose the notable factors to include in a medical job position by evaluating the given job designation.
  • State the requisite medical experience such as knowledge of preparing & coding medical documents & bills, performing different medical tests, assisting in health care campaigns and operating the different medical devices & programmes as per the job profile.
  • Point out the necessary medical skills which are needed for a particular job profile.
  • The medical job specification should also mention about the special qualities or skill sets which are needed for the job profile.

Medical Office Manager Job Specification

Medical Technologist Job Specification

Doctor Job Specification