Medical Director Career Description

A medical doctor is primarily responsible to develop a medical team of doctors, equipments and tools needed in the medical centre, and develop processes in the organization. The medical director needs to recruit a team of highly qualified doctors by conducting recruitments and selection through advertisements and placement procedures. They should be kept on training for some time period till they can be confirmed for a permanent employment. The facilities of the hospital should be improved. The medical care should also comply with all the government regulations and follow all safety procedures in the hospital. The development of the hospital and the support staff is the responsibility of the medical director.

Medical Director Job Career Description

  • A medical director is responsible to manage the accounts of the medical firm and plan the activities of the firm according to the estimated capital.
  • He or she needs to maintain the standard of the hospital but follow all safety precautions and procedures that are expected of a hospital.
  • The sales director needs to collaborate with the higher management and communicate the firm’s policies to the lower level management of the firm.
  • The sales director needs to incentivise the performance of the staff and compensate them accordingly.
  • The responsibility of the overall development of the hospital is included in the job responsibilities of a medical director.

Medical Director Career Salary

Candidates with relevant background and experience can find many lucrative job opportunities in this sector. Most of the openings lie in the health care services, medical services, hospitals and pharmaceutical firms. Candidate should possess at least 5-9 years of experience to become a medical doctor. National Salary data projects the annual salary of a medical director to be in the range $95,000 to $308,000 with the median salary being $150,000 per year. This data is from Pay Scale who has conducted extensive research in the salary levels in the US.