An oil/ energy job specification is prepared by the experts to invite the job applications from the deserving job candidates, who are willing to work in the oil/ energy department. To create an oil/ energy job specification, needed job experience, required technical & management skills and ability to justify the offered oil/ energy job duties are mentioned. After reviewing such a job specification, a candidate can make the decision of applying for the vacancy. However, an oil/energy job specification can be outlined exclusively for the different job positions.

Types of Oil/ energy job specification:

  • Oil refinery foreman job specification
  • Oil rig operator job specification
  • Energy manager job specification
  • Petroleum engineer job specification, etc

Following mentioned steps must be considered for drafting a desired oil/ energy job specification:

  • Evaluate the vital attributes of an available job position to prepare an effective oil/ energy job specification.
  • Write the necessary experience needed for an oil/ energy job vacancy such as knowledge of technical oil/ energy procedures, product recovery & troubleshooting, understanding of preparing requested records, practice of working with research, scientific and testing department.
  • State the required skills such as effective conversational & negotiation skills, ability to communicate with all departments, aptitude to think critically and strong organizational skills.

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