A nuclear power plant engineer is responsible for the overall development & improvement of the nuclear power plant, ensures the health & safety standards and regulates the essential nuclear power policies for the construction of the plant as per the approved architecture. Arranging the required mechanical & electrical material for the plant installation, implementing the research policies and maintaining the nuclear fusion system are some of the major job duties of a nuclear power plant engineer. This job position should pose excellent communication skills, negotiation abilities and expertise in handling diverse nuclear power projects. Hence, a nuclear power plant engineer plays an important for initializing & managing the power plant and participates in the growth of the nuclear division.

Nuclear Power Plant Engineer Job Specifications:

  • Experience of participating in the architectural expansion of the nuclear power plant, able to prepare presentations and demonstrating the project in official meetings for further approval.
  • Sound knowledge of the latest designing techniques, the innovative tools and the ground breaking procedures along with the report preparations, etc.
  • Ability to monitor the process of the nuclear plant projects, taking the feedback from the concerned departments and discussing the encountered nuclear & implantation issues with the nuclear power plant director.
  • Conducting the modification procedures if any technical problem is encountered.
  • Aptitude to execute the health & safety standard and ability to educate the employees against the nuclear health hazards.
  • Coordinating with the supervisors, process technicians & mechanics to take the further progress reports of the nuclear waste management system, etc.