A petroleum manager is responsible for managing the petrol stock & related products, supervising the petroleum department and ensuring the required petroleum supply. Dealing with the vendors, overall knowledge of essential petroleum job functions and implementation of profitable petroleum strategies for enhancing sales are some of the important job duties of a petroleum manager.  A petroleum manager should pose effective interpersonal skills, organizing abilities and experience of undertaking urgent petroleum development programs. Therefore, a petroleum manager plays a vital role in the general purchase plans & maintenance programs of the petroleum department.

Petroleum Manager Job Specifications:

  • Good negotiation skills to access the sale & purchase operations, coordinating with the suppliers, handling potential petrol buyers and commencing the new business policies as per the current economy values.
  • Effective interpersonal skills to coordinate with the staff members, technical department and accounts section for evaluating the pending petroleum invoices, billing statements and total import of the petroleum business.
  • Responsibility to plan, develop and implement the petroleum strategies for achieving the desired growth in the business.
  • Ability to communicate & support the research department and mechanical section for the establishment or enhancing the petroleum units.
  • Experience of generating reports for timely submission and ability to make project preparations for expanding diverse petroleum projects by utilizing technical & commercial skills.
  • Knowledge of government & commercial petroleum conducts for initiating the construction of oil walls and proper installation of the petroleum filling station.
  • Excellent problem solving and decision making abilities for handling the issues.
  • Good supervisory and motivational skills to improve the performance of the staff members.