Petroleum Manager Career Description

A petroleum manager is held responsible to overseeing the availability of petroleum, overseeing the performance of the employees in the petroleum department, and maintaining relationships with all suppliers and customers. Candidates who want to become a petroleum manager should have knowledge about petroleum manufacturing, refining, and distribution. Apart from this technical knowledge, the candidate should also possess general managerial skills like leadership skills, motivational skills, etc. The petroleum manager should provide training and development to all its employees so that each of them can perform their job responsibilities in the appropriate manner. The petroleum manager should source the inputs for petroleum department from the low cost supplier and distribute the outputs in such a manner that the revenues from the department can be maximised.

Petroleum Manager Job Career Description

  • Candidates who want to become petroleum managers should possess good communication skills and networking skills so that they can buy the raw materials at the least cost and maintain long term relationships with buyers and sellers.
  • A petroleum manager should delegate the tasks of the petroleum department among various personnel working in the department.
  • The petroleum manager should also prepare invoice of petroleum bills while buying, selling, importing, or exporting.
  • A petroleum manager should also have the ability to get different petroleum projects and deliver the output by making use of the skills of petroleum professionals, and workers working in the department.

Petroleum Manager Career Salary

Candidates whose goal is to become Petroleum Managers should have the relevant education in the oil engineering, refining, etc. To become a Petroleum Manager, candidates should have a minimum work experience of at least 7-10 years in the field of oil and petroleum. Tremendous job opportunities for the position of Petroleum Manager can be found in sectors like Oil and Gas, Petroleum Storage and Transportation, Petroleum Refining, Oil & Gas Extraction, Petroleum production, etc. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale released through the figures in National Salary data, the annual compensation of a Petroleum Manager can be anywhere between $33,000 and $82,000 while the median salary is about $56,000 per year.