Energy Manager Career Description

The role of an energy manager is very crucial in today’s context because of increasing energy needs and decreasing sources of non renewable energy. The main task of an energy manager is to ensure that that energy consumption is minimised and energy innovations are undertaken. Candidates who want to become energy managers should have academic background in energy engineering and development and knowledge of all renewable and non renewable sources of energy. The other skills that are required are managerial skills like recruitment and selection, motivational skills, and providing a good ambience of work for the people. An energy manager should attend energy conferences and lead the team of people towards effective energy consumption.

Energy Manager Job Career Description

  • An energy manager should formulate strategies for innovative new sources of energy and instil the policies among all its employees.
  • An energy manager should create a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for the people to work, learn, and develop.
  • An energy manager should set smaller goals to achieve for the team of people so that the larger goals are achieved in the long run.
  • Creating facilities and equipments for the energy department and executing the policies of the organization are also included in the responsibilities of an energy manager.
  • An energy manager should make all latest equipment and technology available in the department so that innovative technologies in the energy sector can be developed.

Energy Manager Career Salary

Candidates who want to become energy managers should find lot of job opportunities in the sectors of energy and utilities, oil and gas, government energy companies, construction management companies, etc. Employers prefer candidates who have at least 5-8 years of experience in the field of energy for the position of an energy manager. The annual compensation of an energy manager can be anywhere between $45,000 and $136,000 and the median salary is approximately $90,000 per year. These salary estimates are as per the research conducted by Pay Scale throughout the US and have published on their website as the National Salary Data.